Concerto Spirituale

"Pellegrinaggio in Musica" (Musical Pilgrimage)

This is one of the most interesting and intense concerts to be seen on the musical circuit in recent years. It is a concert for everyone - even the least religious find moments of reflection in the words and music performed by Saule Kilaite and the string quartet ‘Picasso Strings’. The concert has a particular formula: it uses music to take the audience on a pilgrimage to the places where the Virgin Mary has appeared throughout history, as Saule describes these events and tells brief, emotional stories about each one. During the ‘journey’ we discover aspects of the cultures and traditions of the countries touched by the appearances of Mother Mary, including the most famous and recognized sites (Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, etc.), while mentioning others which are still awaiting official approval.

Saule and the Quartet perform both popular traditional music and well-known classical pieces, all of which have been carefully chosen to reflect the theme of the concert. The audience lose themselves in an authentic ‘pilgrimage’: there are moments when the intensity of the music seems to rise like a prayer and inspires deep meditation.