Musical Show


Violin performer Saule Kilaite is a compelling presence on stage, introducing each piece with short stories, poetry and music. She is accompanied by her ‘Invisible Orchestra’, with the artistic complicity of the “Compagnia TraBallante” dance troupe, who perform traditional and Celtic dances, as well as the skilled and entertaining clarinetist Marino Delgado Rivilla. This multi-media show includes synchronized scenic videos which are created specifically by the set designer Roland Tapì, giving each piece even greater visual impact. During the show there is a lot of interaction with the audience, creating an atmosphere full of emotion. "Andando, Vivendo” – a journey through the imagination, through memories, through the feelings we all feel... A journey to take together: “because it’s nice to travel alone – but it’s a thousand times nicer to travel in company”.

Music, Dance, Video, Art and Theatre blend to create a captivating musical show which takes the audience on a ‘dreamlike’ journey around the world, through well-known classical, traditional and popular music, as well as today’s most famous pop songs.

Andando, Vivendo...